Complete bodywork painting systems

Customized systems

Customized systems made for your needs

Industrial installations

Industrial installations

Three-dimensional design

Three-dimensional design


The extensive experience acquired over the years in the automotive and industrial sectors allows Metron to design and manufacture the most avant-garde equipment with the most advanced and strict technologies currently on the market based on energy and environmental savings. .

In this way, Metron can offer all its clients final products with very high levels of quality, which has led us to position ourselves in the market as the world’s leading brand in our sector.

Explore the Termomeccanica G.L. Gallery of Achievements s.r.l. from different plants installed in the world and among which we can include brands such as GM Factory (Mexico), ELVO Factory (Greece), FIAT (Itala), IVECO Service (Itala), LUFTHANSA TECHNIK (Philippines), DAEWOO (Philippines), DCHM Public Transport Company (Hong Kong), AVR (Estonia), MAN (Egypt), SAVE (Venice Airport Service), AIR MALTA Service (Malta), NATO (our identification A0875).


METRON offers customized solutions thanks to its advanced technologies and highly specialized personnel. We solve every problem: from special projects to the most difficult interventions.


A system designed to carry out sanding and painting preparation operations in a clean place without dust and fumes, in line with European Regulations.


Courtesy, quality and professionalism, three ingredients for a fantastic recipe: METRON.